The Voice of Infosec

Hi, and welcome to my site. I'm Sascz (Alexander Auberon) Herrmann, known on the 'Net since 1985 as Lothie. This site has been in existence in some form since 2000, originally as a personal domain, and more recently to support my Information Security career. To the left you'll see links to various social media and other sites, all of which relate to my professional identity, except the last which relates to my hobbies.  

I have worked in various Infosec roles since 1996, when I joined Trusted Information Systems, the company that created the Gauntlet firewall family and related products. I obtained my CISSP in 2005 and continue to hold it in good standing.  I will soon be starting a job contracting for the US Government, as I've done before several times.

I'm one of the few people I know in Tech who not only enjoys doing but also writing and presenting about it, which puts me in a unique position in my field. Because of my willingness to come up with essays or white papers and presentations, I end up being the "face" and "voice" of Infosec, and I'm always up for talking about the subject. Diversity and Inclusivity in Infosec (or Cybersecurity, as it's being called more and more often these days) are even more underrepresented than in other STEM fields, so the more I can speak out about that problem - and problem solving in Tech in general - the happier I am. 

Please feel free to send an email to inquiries at lothie dot com if you have any questions. Thanks for stopping by!