Soprano Soloist and Vocal Teacher

I have been singing since I could talk, and I've been a soloist in several groups from my teenage years on. I've sung Soprano with the Berkshire Lyric Theatre, the Dahlgren Chapel Choir, Exultate Magrigal group (now defunct), the South Coast Chorale, and others. Currently I perform with the Virginia Choral Society and the Williamsburg Women's Chorus, and I sing with the St. Joan of Arc choir. 

I can teach you to sing! Lessons are available as a half hour or full hour video lesson using Google+ Hangouts. The lessons are $5 for 30 minutes or $10 for an hour, and it's okay if we go over a little (say by 10 minutes in each case), I won't charge you extra. Here's how to take lessons:

- First, join Google+ and add my page (Cadenza Voice Lessons)

- Next, send me the class fee ($5 or $10) via Paypal (the button is below)

- Create a post on Google+ and share it with just me so that we can negotiate a good time for you.

You're going to need a webcam and microphone for the lessons, which will be given via a video chat (that's what Hangouts is). And you're set! If you'd like to chat with me (again via Hangouts) and see if my teaching style is right for you, that's fine -- I am perfectly happy to give "samples".

To pay for the class: 

I am also available as a soloist for weddings and other events. As a Catholic, I can cantor at your wedding Mass if desired as well as singing solos before and during the Mass. If non-local travel is necessary I ask that you pay for my transportation, but any travel within the Hampton Roads area is included in my rates. 

At this time I cannot provide an accompanist, so you will have to hire one separately or use recorded backing music.