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My name is Mary Ursula Herrmann, but most people call me either Mimi or Lothie (I prefer these, or Ursula, to being called Mary, which I hate). I currently reside in Juneau AK, where I work as an Information Systems Security Officer for the US Coast Guard. Living with me are my husband, Chris, our 12 year old son Dante, our dog, and two cats. I also have two grown-up daughters, Chi and Diana, from a previous marriage. Chi lives in St. Louis MO with her partner, and Diana lives in Tokyo.

Most of the content for this site is generated from my Infosec Wiki, including links to all of my guest blogs for Crain's Cleveland Business, so that's where you should check for new stuff. Please check out the other links on the left side as well.

Below you can find a list of recent articles from my Infosec Blog, Black Cats and Smoke and Mirrors. Links to some of my newer articles will also appear at Great Lakes Computer.

Black Cats and Smoke and Mirrors